Afro United Festival

Celebrating the Global African & Diaspora Family

September 28-29, 2023

Live Stream Available

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. 

If you want to go far, go together.”

Join us for our inaugural ADDI Afro United Festival, a celebration and launch of ALL ADDI chapters.  We will showcase our cultural diversity and heritage.

Magic happens when Africans and African Diasporans get together.  It’s time we assemble to build a future we deserve!

The Gala

Join ADDI’s Afro United Gala on Friday September 29, 2023 for an extraordinary night filled with color, culture, and celebration!

Enjoy a delectable African Cuisine dinner and the opportunity to network and connect with fellow attendees.  Honor achievements with the Arikana Excellent Awards Ceremony followed by a concert. This is the night we all shine like stars!

Theme:  African Royalty


Featured Events

Womens’ Empowerment Seminar

Get inspired at our women’s empowerment seminar as you hear from Black Women Leaders in political leadership, business, and international initiatives.  Together we will create opportunities for the Diaspora and the Motherland while writing a new narrative of our collective future.  We have everything we need!  It’s time to harness the brilliance of our global Diaspora community.

Featured Speakers:

    • Ms. Famata Barrie Esq.
    • Dr. Remi Duyile
    • Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao
    • Representative Wala Blegay
    • Representative Naqueta Ricks
    • Dr. Stella Jeffries

Mens’ Empowerment Seminar

Get ready to stand up and make a difference at our men’s empowerment seminar.  Join Black Men Leaders in finance, business, and economic development as we discuss the path forward for creating the future we all deserve. We can lift our global communities to thrive in a quickly changing world.  It’s time to take our place as the creative powerhouse we are as a people.  It takes strategy and cooperation to get there.  Let’s get to it!

Featured Speakers:

    • Kevin Williams
    • Philip Springer
    • Kadmel Van Der Puije
    • Alexander Cummings
    • Andjelo Cherty Mwembya
    • Curtis Smith
    • Jerald Boyd
    • Rebekha Atnafou

About the Festival

ADDI Afro United Festival

The ADDI Afro United Festival aims to foster unity, celebrate cultural diversity, and strengthen the bonds among people of African descent living in various parts of the world.

This annual festival serves as a platform to bring together individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences within the African diaspora, promoting a sense of solidarity and interconnectedness.

It’s time for us to come together.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  Let’s build our future – Together!